Tuesday, September 15, 2009

BiRthDay WeeKenD*

I had a fantastic birthday weekend. We had four friends come into town, we played our co-ed flag football tournament, ate good food and hung out all weekend. It was one big weekend slumber party!
Apparently I only take pics of Matty when he's eating.. or.. he only makes the blog with food in his mouth. hee hee. We were all super sore when we woke up Sunday morning from getting knocked around playing ball. I think we ALL woke up hearing Charles announce, "ohhh... my legs!.."
Vito cooked a great breakfast and we all spent the rest of the day watching football and relaxing.
And yesterday... Vito sent me flowers, they are beautiful!
Hope your enjoying your week.
Oh and.. my sister in law is giving away two of my prints on her blog! Go enter by leaving a comment.
Two of my fav prints!
HapPY TueSdAY!

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