Wednesday, September 30, 2009

EtsY LoVe

Pretties I love... fall leaves.
I might do this in our guest room instead of a headboard.
My parents are coming into town today! They will be here for the rest of the week. I'm really excited to see them. Hope your week is going well.


Rebecca said...

Ooh, excellent choices! I love all of these. :) Those trees are so cool - I've also thought about doing some sort of vinyl decal in place of a headboard; it seems like a neat idea!

Nick and Melissa said...

i like the trees instead of a headboard. have fun with your parents!

mairedodd said...

have fun! i love those large wall graphics - some really neat ones on etsy... i love a big blowing dandelion!

shane rocket said...

love the top photo!!!!! cool trees... hope all is well!

Lexie said...

i think using the trees instead of a headboard is a brilliant idea!

ooooo etsy, how i love thee!