Friday, May 7, 2010

It's FriDaY!

I'm super excited for the weekend. I'm looking forward to sleeping in, going out for breakfast and spending time with V's fam for Mother's Day. I'm in need of some serious r&r. I haven't been able to drink coffee for awhile now because of some 'medical' stuff I'm going through and when I'm sleepy on a Friday morning it's all I can think about. I absolutely LOVE drinking coffee. I love the smell, taste, buzz and the warmth on my lips.... mmm.... Oh caffeine.. I miss you..

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lumikha said...

i'm sorry you haven't been able to drink coffee...i'm currently relapsing with my coffee addiction and downed a while dd iced coffee. also, i am so happy it's friday...happy friday to you and have a lovely weekend! :)