Thursday, May 20, 2010

LaST daY of ScHooL)) oh glory.

Every Monday night this entire school year we've been a part of this really great dinner club at my friend Brian's. It started out with about 5 of us teachers and started growing! Each week we have around 15-20 people show up. Each week is a different themed course and each person gets assigned something to bring (Appetizers/Desserts/Drinks/Main Course.) We served up every kind of ethnic food you can imagine and to prevent repeats the themes started getting crazier. We've had food made with beer, fruit and wine.. so many fun nights. Two weeks ago the theme was just "bacon." We had chocolate covered bacon for dessert, spam-tini's for drinks... it was awesome. Well the end of the school year is here so we decided to quit for the summer. :( We went to a sweet wedding last weekend and got to hang out with these two. Whitney is V's business partner, she is so awesome.
We went out to a fun Japanese restaurant for MattyP's birthday last weekend.I've spent so much time laughing with friends the last couple of weeks and it's felt really good. I think the anticipation of school coming to an end is so relieving.I watched a beautiful sunset.And... watched Vito slice into some Fontina cheese that he had been aging in the basement for over 8 months!
We were very nervous. It looked good...smelled good.... so we tried it...
it was delish!
It's a really big block. We'll be munching on it and cooking with it for a couple weeks.
HOpe you have a great weekend!
I'll be sleeping in and enjoying my first week off!


mairedodd said...

that post was like a huge smile and exhale combined... i loved it... your monday dinner club sounds awesome... and i wish you fun, love and creativity over the summer break - enjoy tam!

Melissa said...

what a neat idea! I saw Lisa Newell in your picture. :)

lumikha said...

i wanna be in a dinner club! also, that sunset picture is gorgeous!

Danielle said...

It sounds like an awesome couple of weeks. School holidays oh my. What on earth are you going to do with yourself.