Monday, May 3, 2010

SpRiNg is HeRe--

We had 10 youth group students from Salt Lake City stay with us over the weekend while they attended a conference during the day. I spent most of my weekend watching Vito cook LOTS of food while I washed more dishes than ever before in my life. By the time they left on Sunday all I wanted to do was get outside and get my hands in the dirt, the weather was cool but really enjoyable. I stained the fence and planted some perennials. I'm too nervous to plant any annuals yet but I almost bought some yesterday... I'm glad I didn't because it got really cold last night.
I think I've got this perennial thing figured out. The first year we moved into this house I filled these beds with colorful annuals. It was colorful all summer but then I almost cried the when I saw the beds completely empty again the next Spring and I had to start all over.
After many conversations with friends and fam I quickly realized I needed perennials and to just accent with annuals! Now these beds are filling up faster than ever and they already look so great. I'm so anxious to start getting things cleaned up and planted. I'm really looking forward to having the summer off, I'm really ready for a break. Only three weeks!
Hop you have a lovely week**


lumikha said...

if i only had the patience...i'd be a teacher. :) i would LOOOVE to have summers off. *sigh* btw, nice garden!

Mim Smith Faro said...

I can't wait for summer break either, but mine is over a month away. I have a rather brown thumb and so I hopefully plant each year and hope they come back the next spring. So far, I'm at 50% success with last year's perennials.

mairedodd said...

i was so happy to see you had posted! the flowers look lovely and i am sure that those kids flourished in the house with you and vito - xo

Ann On and On... said...

There is something therapeutic about dirt. Love the photos.

Iva said...

they look lovely!! I love this time of year! so many beautiful gardens! :)

Have a super day! Happy Tuesday! :)