Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I took some maternity photos of this nice lady a couple of months ago, and she had her baby! I hadn't ever photographed a pregnant woman before but it was actually really fun.

She had me back last week to photograph her three week old little girl, it was fun.
I think babies are difficult to photograph. They make such strange faces and are so squirmy! But it all worked out, the photos turned out cute. HapPY TuesDAY. .. I'm stopping by the nursery on the way home after work to get some goodies for the garden. I've been researching shade perennials and am ready to buy some fun plants! Hopefully tomorrow I'll have pics of my progress..


mairedodd said...

you did a wonderful job! babies are tough, but you got some interesting shots... and the mama looks great - i always like (even though they have been done 1000 times) pics of a baby's hand or foot near a parent's... in later years, it is a very concrete reminder of how small they were...
wish you could come work on my garden! :0)

Cara said...

That little baby is just so incredibly beautiful! and the momma looks geat! xoxox

wallflower said...

You did an amazing job!
You are really good at this!