Monday, July 12, 2010

When I was in high school we didn't have malls and movie theatres to entertain us. We went outside for our entertainment, but once we got our drivers license driving became the entertainment. We would drive around the county for hours. I realized on Saturday when we took "the long way" to the farmer's market why we drove.
This place really is beautiful. Every direction you look, beauty.

We bought some lettuce at the market and then drove the long way home to enjoy the scenery. Stopping along the way to hit a few garage sales and admire a few gardens.

Yesterday about 20 of us went floating down the river. It was a really mellow three hour ride. I wanted so badly to take my camera but everyone discouraged me afraid it would get wet. We're going to go again next week when Vito comes into town and I'm totally going to bring it. I can't wait!

Last night my brother Josh and I drove and hour and a half to go see a comedy show at a little youth center in Clark Fork (population 530.) It's a really quaint little town and the show was cute.

At intermission... they served coffee and strawberry shortcake. We were the youngest audience members by at least 25 years. It was perfect date.

But the drive was even more magical.. we drove along lake Pend O'reille most the way home. This lake is 148 square miles and 65 miles long... huge!

I told my mom tonight.. this is the last time I will ever come up here alone. Next year at this time I'll be towing a baby with me. I'm excited for that... but really trying to savor this time alone. Enjoying the stillness.


Hannah said...

Tams! I am enjoying your Idaho posts... it looks like you are having a really nice and relaxing time at home. Miss you!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you're having a blast at home. It's so great to see all the pics.

emily said...

loving all the updates. i think we are going to see you guys on the 24th! so fun. enjoy friend! loves - eb

emily said...
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