Friday, July 16, 2010

Yesterday we drove out to the middle of nowhere to an antique store. This place is so far out that you have to call the day before you go so that they can make sure someone is there to unlock it for you. There are about 5 cute little cabins all full of really unusual things. It was quite the experience. The road getting into this place is so narrow that when they have events people have to all arrive at a specific time and leave at a specific time because the drive in is only a one lane road. It's too narrow for cars to meet each other on the road. Derrick used his money to buy a cowboy hat and then asked me to take a picture of him. I asked him why he wasn't smiling and he said, "because it's my serious cowboy face..."
I bought this huge metal letter "O." Not quite sure yet how I'm getting it back to Denver.

It was really fun.. and sort of bizarre.

My nephew Austin had his 13th birthday party at the cabin on Wednesday.
The little kids weren't too excited about swimming so they just spent the afternoon collecting pollywogs.

I stopped by my brothers house and found the kids up in their own little cabin building a fire making lunch in the woods. This little fort provided us some serious entertainment when I was a kid and now my niece and nephews practically live in it.

It's really small and has just a little wood stove, couple of chairs and a tiny loft.
They were making Top Ramen for lunch. Jamie looks like Laura Ingalls Wilder...
It was so funny..
Well I'm leaving in a couple hours to go and pick Vito up at the airport! yay! Super excited to spend the next week here with him.
xo Have a great weekend.

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Anonymous said...

those pics are fantastic Tam. So cute. It must be a blast spending that time with the kids. Must really make you think since you're expecting. Soooo glad you're having fun....