Thursday, August 27, 2009

MusTeRinG up....

some courage to go back to this ghost town this weekend. Five of us are planning a trip to stay here for the night on Saturday. The last time we went here Vito had a rat the size of a small child hop over his sleeping bag. It's so unbelievably creepy.I'm excited to take some fun pics.

I am covered in goosebumps just looking at these photos.


mairedodd said...

where is this? getting goosebumps for you! :o)

shane rocket said...

holy moly i am jealous!!!! when i win the lottery we should go and do a day of photo taking!!!!! have FUN!!

at least the rat didn't want to sleep with Vito!!!

hether said...

ah! what?!? I want to go! sigh....such good memories, next time Roma is coming with us!
ali out for the crying lady at the river...duh duh da dum!

TaMs* said...

marie- Gilman, Colorado. An old zinc mining town that was evacuated in the early 80's due to water contamination from the mine. Residents had 24hrs to evacuate.

Shane- seriously.. you would LOVE taking photos of this place.

hether- wish you could be here with us this time. We had so much fun there last summer. miss you.

Danielle said...

and your going to sleep there. those photos are creepy :P