Tuesday, August 14, 2007

**DinG.. DinG.. DinG... We have a WiNNeR!**


Last night I stretched out some paper on the floor and put one lemon drop down for each participant. I numbered them according to the order in which they were received under my comments page.

Then... I let Cassius into the kitchen and sat him down in front of all the LeMoN DrOP temptation. He was the lucky volunteer who's job was to choose a WinnER.

I think he was a bit overwhelmed, since when had I ever ENCOURAGED him to PiCK a lemon drop. He started barking, he started rolling over, he wanted to shake... wanted a lemon drop but was afraid I was trying to trick him, teach him some kind of lesson on temptation.

He went in for a sniff... (lucky number 7)

...then backed up, laid down and belly crawled in for a shake...

I think his choice was clear.
He picked NUMBER 7.

Thanks so much for all of your great comments, I really appreciated it.
Michelle! E-mail me your address! yippee!


Michelle Jo Klomp said...

WOOOHOOO, how exciting.

As I was reading the story I was thinking, I wonder if I was number 7. That has always been my lucky number. Then on the last picture I saw I was.

I am SO excited. I picked out the spot in my living room I am going to put it :-)

Jennifer of Dog.Yarn.Knit. said...

That is the best way to pick a contest winner! I know that my dog would end up eating the paper.

Francis said...

How great was that?!!!!!
I was trying to figure out how you would draw for the win.. Ya!
Congrads to Michelle!!