Monday, August 27, 2007

SaLsA anYoNe???

Vito came in from checking on the garden with a couple plates FuLL of delicious yummies.
It has probably been a good 3 weeks since I checked on the garden. Around mid August I get burnt out on watering flowers and weeding the garden. Flowers begin to die, weeds take over flower beds... I don't even care. I put so much work into making it look nice and come August I don't care anymore.
Thankfully Vito steps in and helps out. I can't say the flowers get watered everyday, they look hot and wilty but at least he checked on things last night because the tomatoes and peppers would have been left for the bugs and birds if it was up to me.

Tonight, yummy salsa.


Francis said...

Wow! Whether those were fresh for salsa or dried, they would look good hanging off the deck of our new cabin. Nice work!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, how much time and money did all of those flowers and plants cost?

tams said...

is that you vito?