Friday, August 17, 2007

It's EleCtion TiME...

This week at school, student government posters have been popping up everywhere.

I've been reminded of how much I detested Student Council when I was in elementary school.
For a number of reasons really.
It seemed that only the popular students ran for a position in student council, I was not popular.
It was only the pretty girls that put up posters, I was not particularly pretty.
I had braces, bad frizzy permed hair, super gangly thin legs and wasn't exactly sure of myself.

I wonder if the posters hung in the hallways of Valley View Elementary were as fascinatingly eye-catching as these..
I do remember the florescent poster board, pink,green,yellow... that apparently hasn't changed.
How comical is this..

"Vote for Nave because she's on Broadway"
"Cassie is my name, money is my game."

I'm now really wishing I would have ran...
"Vote terrific Tamara for a tenacious treasurer.."


amyabrink said...

i love the picture of her dog on cassie's. the dog'll win those votes every time.

hey - lets hang out! it's WAY past monday, sorry. what are you doing tomorrow or sunday?

Francis said...

I bet your personality would have beat them all out of the office.

I would also bet that everyone followed you around, you just didn't notice!!!!!!!!!!