Thursday, August 9, 2007

*New PaInTiNgS*

Last weekend I built a couple of canvases (3ft x 5ft), it has been quite a while since I've painted on anything this large. In college it was my favorite size to work on but now that I have to build them by myself without the help of friends, the whole process takes a bit longer. Heather and Ali wanted a painting for their house that reminded them of when they were in Greece for their honeymoon. She sent me a few pics for inspiration and I had at it. I finished them yesterday and they really like them. pheew. This is the pic they gave me, it's hard to see. I think they said it was from their balcony..picture of a picture doesn't work too well. fuzzy.

I took some pictures of my progress and liked this one the best. Just getting the first layer of paint on is my fav. If it was up to me I would have stopped here and hung this on MY wall.

On each panel I hid each of their names.


RachelDenbow said...

These are fabulous. What kind of price tag do you put on pieces like that? They are beautiful.

tams said...

Thanks so much. I did these for friends so I didn't charge them anything (late wedding gift, I guess). But if it was a stranger.. probably 600 for both pieces. It's so hard to say. I don't usually paint in this style but I had fun doing it. Thanks for your comment.