Thursday, August 9, 2007

Gilman, COlorado*

Vito and Ali hiked Tuesday afternoon into an old Colorado mining ghost town, Gilman, CO. They stayed the night up there.

Spook, spook, spooky.

Apparently the town was evacuated in the 80's, contaminated waste from the mine started killing off the residents. They took tons of pics and I stole a few to put on here. They searched through an old bowling alley, gymnasium, bank and lots of houses. The pics even look creepy I can't even imagine sleeping there at night. yikes.


Patri said...

Que camara utilizas para hacer las fotos?

Un saludo

tams said...

Mi cámara fotográfica era muy muy barata.
Estaba realmente libre.
Su mal calidad así que yo tenemos que tocarla para arriba en photoshop.

Patri said...

oooo....its funny see somebody trying to write in spanish, I think that is funny than see me trying to write in english!

But, I wrote you, because I thought that maybe you had some reflex camara... but I see that its just photoshop...

I like your pictures too, I'll try to make an effort with the photoshop, I'm still a little bit bad with it.

See you!


Siany said...

omg! Thats really is spooky!! Great photos tho!!