Sunday, October 26, 2008

AHhh IdaHo*

We made it! We drove all night Friday and arrived yesterday afternoon. Took showers, put our slippers on and spent the rest of the evening getting acquainted with the new cabin and giving hugs and kisses to all the fam. My parents (literally yesterday) just finished this AMAZING guest cabin and we were the first to stay in it. We saw it last Christmas when they had just started it and now being able to stay in it now that it's finished has been such a treat.My mom has done such an amazing job at taking care of every single detail, it is really beautiful. (my favorite: see the little hideout under the stairs, love that.) Spent some time with my little brother JoSh last night, don't we look alike!?
I'm looking a little delirious here from the long drive.
My little 8 yr. old nephew Derek said, "Tam... your eyes look red. why?"
And today, more family time and some knitting. Tomorrow Jess and Matt get into town so we will get to spend the rest of the week with them. It's so nice to be here.


Edleen said...

what a Beautiful cabin! have a great time there Tams :)


Family quality time is always the best isn't it... Your bro is cute!
Continue to enjoy this precious moments... ;)

Jennifer of Dog.Yarn.Knit. said...

I am so jealous. I want to go to Idaho. I've heard it's beautiful.

I don't remembering knowing that you knit.

Ivy@PaperElixir said...

Wow, the cabin is gorgeous! Lucky you ;) And I could tell that's your brother before I even read your description! Ha ha :D Enjoy the time with your family!