Monday, October 6, 2008

Open HoUsE (at the office)**

I forgot to take pictures at the open house until it was over. It was really great and tons of people showed up (not that you can tell from the pics.)Good food, good drinks and I met some awesome people. Cara painted and decorated this office (it's my fav) and it looks so good next to the brown and cream walls ducey and I painted.Here's the boys (minus Tim). I don't have any pics of the ladies, geez I was bad. my*loves*Here's part of the downstairs waiting room we painted. The walls look black in the pic but it's actually a dark brown.It was super fun and they did such a great job. We did a lot of relaxing and football watching the rest of the weekend.
HaPPY MoNDay.*

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jen renee said...

thanks for stopping by ... i LOVE your blog. and you are adorable. :)