Wednesday, October 22, 2008

CoZy NiGhT*

Vito built me a fire when he got home from work last night, I think the cold weather might be here to stay. I hope. I love the change of season so so much. New inspiration, new knitting projects, lots of baking and cuddling. I made some sausage and pumpkin soup and baked some fresh bread. My bread didn't rise right, I had this problem last year and have forgotten how I figured out how to bake in high altitude. I need more practice.
HaPPy WedNesDAy*


Leigh said...

I love love the fireplace photo. SO cool!!

I wish I could actually cook. I am working on it. My bread would be deflated, sad face LOL>

Edleen said...

beautiful shots! i'd love some of your fresh bread ;)

have a great Friday!

jen renee said...

gorgeous photos - makes me feel warm too. :D