Friday, October 31, 2008


Tonight is our last night here in Idaho, we've had a really great trip. Matt and Jess left this morning and we will be heading out tomorrow morning.We did a lot of ATVing and spent the majority of most days outside in the fresh air. The trees are so beautiful right now and the weather is still quite nice so we were able to spend most days playing in the woods without getting cold.I spent every morning and evening knitting or reading by the fire.
The cabin was perfect.The boys did quite a bit of (unsuccessful) hunting. Jess spent most of Thursday digging in the dirt. Last year my Aunt was walking along a trail on my parents property, looked down and saw a couple of small beads in the dirt. She started digging around and ended up finding nearly 200 of the little beads. She took the beads to the Antique Roadshow and found out that the beads had been brought over from Europe and had been traded to Native Americans. So, Jess thought that maybe if she started digging around the same spot she could find some Native American memorabilia of her own. She didn't find any, but it was fun watching her dig around.I did a little bird shopping. Purchased the cutest salt and pepper set I have ever seen and a set of six birdie coasters.I think I'm going to hang these little coasters on the wall, they are so cute. I also got this awesome little scarf, perfect little souvenir to take home.
I'm kind of sad to be leaving tomorrow but we are going to take two days to drive back so hopefully it will be a relaxing drive back to Denver. Hope your Halloween is happy.


Bianca said...

i love that scarf you are wearing? did you make that? i love to knit, it sooths me!!

cara harjes said...

so happy you had an amazing time! i can't wait to see you! we are gone this weekend but can we come up with a time to do an anniversary shoot soon????


ps - let's do coffee or wine this week if you have time!