Friday, October 3, 2008


We went bowling last night with Christi, Joe, Joanna and Scott.
It was so much fun. We've all been talking about joining a league since we enjoy hanging out so much, (..and of course to have a cool bag and ball maybe even matching shoes.) However, we waited too long and every Winter league in town is full. So last night we came up with plan B... VoLLeYBall. We joined a Volleyball league. I haven't played Volleyball since I was in Middle School so it should be interesting. It starts next week and I'm super excited. Both these girls teach at Clyde Miller Elem where I worked a couple of years ago and they are so stinking fun.
Yay! It's FriDAY.
Happy Weekend.

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Leigh said...

I haven't bowled in forever, I think its time:)

Great photos!!